It’s time to set and get your coaching fees!

Barb Zeigler, Business and Career Coach to Coaches

Your Piggy Bank is Glad You’re Here!

3 Weeks to Set & Get Your Coaching Fees

Join a three week live webinar taught course that teaches how to set and get your coaching fees.

Individual Coaching

Need one-on-one help? I’m here to guide you with individual coaching packages.

Unlock your full potential!

The Key is Value Based Fees

When you know the value your coaching provides to your client, pricing — and getting paid for — your services becomes a breeze.

Do you struggle with setting your coaching fees?

Have you quoted different prices to different clients for the same service?

Are you always trying to validate your fees to yourself?

Focus on the Value

When you focus on the value of your services, both pricing and selling your services become easy. I will teach you how to determine the value your service offers to your clients — in dollars and sense!


I will teach you how to communicate your fees to current and potential clients in a way that makes paying you a no-brainer choice compared to the alternative.

Love the Business of Coaching!

Business can be hard for coaches — I will teach you to become as comfortable with the business of coaching as you are with coaching!

Is this for ME?

If you are new to coaching — maybe having just graduated from a coaching program — and now you’re setting up shop as a coach of any kind — life coach, fitness coach, business coach, academic coach, career coach, etc. — then you need to learn the BUSINESS of coaching. My webinar workshop or individual coaching will set you up for success from step one!

If you’re a seasoned coach, but struggling with setting and getting a coaching fee that pays the bills, then we need to talk! My workshops and one-on-one coaching services will end the struggle with setting your fees and give you the skills and tools you need to know what to charge and get it!

Meet Barb Zeigler MBA

I have been a business consultant since 1996. I’ve helped hundreds of local, independent professionals understand the business side of being self-employed.  They were mostly coaches, but also others like consultants, solo architects, engineers, web developers, designers, writers and computer support techs.

Set and Get Your Coaching Fees Webinar Workshops

My Set and Get Your Coaching Fees Webinar Workshops are four weekly session held online. Classes are kept small — under 10 coaches per workshop — so we can learn intensively, ask questions and get feedback in a format that benefits everyone. Three sessions are held in a class format and the fourth bonus session is focused on feedback, overcoming obstacles and questions you may have uncovered during the first four sessions.

What can this do for my business?

Setting a fee that is high enough to support your business goals and valuable enough that your clients feel like they’re getting a bargain is usually a big hurdle for coaches. My workshops and coaching sessions teach you how to get your fees — ones that will actually make your coaching business a viable, sustainable revenue stream!

What if I'm still working another job & coaching is my side hustle?

Side hustles are still businesses! The key to quitting your day job and coaching full time lies in setting a fee that will result in a viable revenue stream to support you. My workshops and individual coaching teaches you how to achieve your dream of becoming a full-time coach.

The Big Picture Plan of YOU as a Successful, Profitable Coach!

You’re only four short weeks away from manifesting the big picture plan of YOU as a successful, profitable coach! My Set and Get Your Coaching Fees Webinar Workshop is an amazing opportunity for you to learn everything you need to know to set and get your coaching fees and grow the business you’ve always dreamed of owning!

Week One: Learn what it truly costs to run the coaching business of your dreams.

Week Two: Learn about value based fees — how they work and how to relate the value for YOUR SPECIFIC niche.

Week Three: Learn how to put it all together and create a successful fee structure you can sell.

Week Four: Discuss and learn from each other in this amazing bonus session!

Workshops are limited seating, so grab yours before it’s gone!

What You’ll Learn:


How to set your fees;

How to get your fees;

How to show clients the value of your coaching … so price isn’t an issue;

How intuitive, interesting, and rewarding it can be to be a solo coach;

How to understand your business model and why it’s important;

How to decide your niche market using proven methods;

How much easier marketing is when you look at the whole picture;

How good it feels to be in control of your coaching practice!


“Working with Barb really opened my eyes to the money side of things in my business. As heart-centered entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on the fulfilling work that we do. The work that changes and impacts lives. And unfortunately, we don’t focus enough on reviewing and understanding the financials.”

Lavada Thompson

Your Lucrative Launch

“I had been struggling to find coaching clients and was not satisfied with the “be patient and believe in your dream” approach I was getting from other coaches. Barb gave me clear, rational advice that I could put into practice immediately.”

Jack Ori

life coach for intellectually gifted underachievers

“Barb Zeigler’s Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Program, was a real eye opener for me. I’d gotten the idea, like so many others, that because my business was going to be based out of my home I’d have very few expenses. I was wrong about that. What a dangerous way to start a business.”

Jackie Macgirvin


Set and Get Your Coaching Fees Webinar Workshop

“The ‘What Should You Charge’ calculator is brilliant! I’ve never seen any other business tool like it. By helping small business owners incorporate financial planning into their overall business plan, this tool can instill confidence that a business is heading toward success. On the other side, it can stop a fledgling small business owner from making a huge mistake if the numbers just don’t add up. I tip my hat to Barbara for her practical creation. It should be part of every small business owner’s tool kit.” — Meg

And that’s just ONE part of a three part series!