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Frequently Asked

Meet Barbara Zeigler

I have been a business consultant since 1996. I’ve helped hundreds of local, independent professionals understand the business side of being self-employed.  They were mostly coaches, but also others like consultants, solo architects, engineers, web developers, designers, writers and computer support techs.

What if I'm still working another job & coaching is my side hustle?

Side hustles are still businesses! The key to quitting your day job and coaching full time likes in setting a fee that will result in a viable revenue stream to support you. My workshops and individual coaching teaches you how to achieve your dream of becoming a full-time coach.

What can this do for my business?

Setting a fee that is high enough to support your business goals and valuable enough that your clients feel like they’re getting a bargain is usually a big hurdle for coaches. My workshops and coaching sessions teach you how to get your fees — ones that will actually make your coaching business a viable, sustainable revenue stream!

Set and Get Your Coaching Fees Webinar Workshops

My Set and Get Your Coaching Fees Webinar Workshops are four weekly session held online. Classes are kept small — under 10 coaches per workshop — so we can learn intensively, ask questions and get feedback in a format that benefits everyone. Three sessions are held in a class format and the fourth bonus session is focused on feedback, overcoming obstacles and questions you may have uncovered during the first four sessions.

Business Skills for Coaches

Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Webinar Workshop

Four weekly webinars served on your device with a small group of other coaches learning along with you.

Intensive Coaching Program

One-on-One work-at-your-pace program or VIP Concierge program.