Your success in marketing depends on preparations for the complete cycle of getting your next client.  It’s more than just how you market.  The glitch costing many coaches clients can be eliminated with two easy to learn business skills.

Getting coaching clients is a process or a system.  When all parts of the process or system are done correctly, getting clients will be easier for you.

One of the most common glitches happens when the potential client asks the “How much do you charge?” question.  This may be an issue in your marketing results if you ever feel uncomfortable when quoting your fees.  When you feel awkward or ill at ease about how much you charge, your potential client will sense this too.  Not a good thing!

How NOT to Set Your Coaching Fees

These are not positive methods for setting your fees:

  1. Guessing (trial and error takes too long and wastes many opportunities)
  2. Getting your fees based on what others charge (your coaching is not a commodity!)
  3. Charging a little more or a little less than others charge
  4. Charging what someone else tells you to charge
  5. Quoting a fee you think the person you’re talking with will pay

All you have to do is acknowledge that as a self-employed coach, you are responsible for learning a few new business skills.  There are long standing methods for knowing what your fees need to be.

Being Comfortable with Your Fees …

Business Skills for Coaches shows you the two methods tailored for you as a coach.  The first is the Cost-Plus method.  It’s important to know you shouldn’t try to work out the Cost-Plus method using a system designed for another type of business, like a manufacturing company or retail store.  Talk about overwhelming.

When you’re shown the Cost-Plus method designed for coaches, it will feel intuitive and you can be confident when answering the “How much do you charge?” question.

Your potential clients will sense your comfort and will be more likely to hire you than when you were insecure and uncomfortable about telling them what your coaching costs. (Sidenote:  It’s better to say investment instead of cost, price, or fee when talking with potential clients.)

The other method for setting your fees looks at the value you provide clients.  Fees are set according to that value.  This method is best used after you learn the Cost-Plus method.

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PS:  Watch for upcoming free webinar which completely explains the Cost-Plus method.  It doesn’t just tell you about the method.  You get a demonstration of it.