Barb Zeigler

Business Consultant and Coach
Helping you channel your full potential
“We all have the opportunity to be successful business owners and do what we love. I teach you how to turn your passion for coaching into a viable, revenue generating business model!”

My Story

I’ve been a business consultant since 1996, helping owners of small to medium B2B service businesses.  Years ago a client asked me to help the independent contractor doing their website.  She was very talented, but struggling as a freelancer.

She worked from home, already had a phone, a computer, etc.  She didn’t think about expenses or her investment in her training.  She just asked a few web designer friends what they were charging and set her fees a little lower. She didn’t understand why she was falling behind on paying her bills.

She hated answering the question, how much do you charge.  Her answers varied, depending on what she thought they might be willing to pay and how bad she needed the work.

It was clear immediately that while she was a brilliant web site developer she knew nothing about how to be a successful independent professional.  The Set & Get Your Fees Program was developed for her.  The first step was understanding what she needed to charge to make a living.

Once she learned the business side of being self-employed, she was able to comfortably raise her fees and state them with confidence.

I was amazed at how many coaches were struggling with the “what should I charge” question when I added coaching to my consulting practice in 2000.

What Set & Get Your Coaching Fees is about:

Coaches can make a viable living coaching.

Coaching is a 2 billion dollar industry and growing. There’s lots of room here to make money and achieve your dreams while helping others. I give coaches the skills and tools they need to master to take advantage of the coaching business opportunities available.

Most coaches enter their coaching careers from corporate or "by the hour" jobs.

“By the hour” work is a totally different mentality than running a business. Although many coaches charge “by the hour,” a coaches wage is only part of their fee. I teach coaches how to make wise decisions about charging for their services.

Coaches want to help people, and that gets in the way of setting appropriate fees.

Coaches become coaches because they want to change lives, not because they want to get a high-dollar per hour rate for their services. I help coaches see the true VALUE in what they do, and help them figure out how to charge appropriately.

My Approach

The Set & Get Your Fees Program developed for the web developer has been expanded to cover other aspects of being self-employed.  Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of local, independent professionals understand the business side of being self-employed.  They were mostly coaches, but also others like consultants, solo architects, engineers, web developers, designers, writers and computer support techs.

It’s their encouragement and suggestions that made me think of broadening the offering of Set & Get Your Fees to a wider audience instead of just local workshops for the  associations, breakout sessions for business expos and independent professionals who were tired of struggling.

Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Webinar Workshop

3 Webinar based classes plus a Bonus Call!

  • Week One: Learn what it truly costs to run the coaching business of your dreams.
  • Week Two: Learn about value based fees — how they work and how to relate the value for YOUR SPECIFIC niche.
  • Week Three: Learn how to put it all together and create a successful fee structure you can sell.
  • Week Four: Discuss and learn from each other in this amazing bonus session!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to set your fees;
  • How to get your fees;
  • How to show clients the value of your coaching … so price isn’t an issue;
  • How intuitive, interesting, and rewarding it can be to be a solo coach;
  • How to understand your business model and why it’s important;
  • How to decide your niche market using proven methods;
  • How much easier marketing is when you look at the whole picture;
  • How good it feels to be in control of your coaching practice!