How important do you think confidence is for coaches? Could you share something you’ve learned that built your confidence?  And would you like to learn other coaches’ confidence building experiences?

Your Contribution is what has and hasn’t worked for building your confidence as a solo coach. Share in the Comment section to help other coaches. 

Your Opportunity is to learn from other coach’s contributions what insecurities they face and what builds their confidence.  See what is or isn’t working for them as they go forward making their living doing what they love.  Read and contribute in the Comment section below.

This blog will also be posted on Linkedin so other coaches can see your contributions and share their experiences for you.

Write as much or as little as you wish.  And we’re hoping no one will use this opportunity to just promote something their selling.  Though we can see how it would be tempting. For example, no rags to riches stories like “I teach coaches how to do this because this is how I make a trillion dollars a month.”  We’ll all recognize that kind of “share” for what it is.

Becoming A More Confident Coach

As most of you know by now, my mission is shortening the business learning curve for coaches by illustrating the 2 business methods other solo, self-employed professionals successfully use.  Of course, there are differences.  Some psychologist services are covered by insurance.  Doctors and Dentist form practices, both to cover the cost of equipment and also to share the expense and time necessary for the business side of their practices.  Here are other solo professionals you’ll recognize.

Examples of other Confident, Solo, Self-Employed Professionals

Consultants Designers Web Developers
Engineers Massage Therapists Accountants
Architects Lawyers Graphic Designers
Bookkeepers Personal Organizers Event Planners

A Note About Your Coach Training

Most coach training is like the content for the majority of college degrees.  They teach students what they need to know to be confident as an employee.  But what about being confident as a solo professional?  There isn’t much about the business sides of being successfully self-employed.  If you were lucky, or unlucky, I’m not sure which, you may have gotten some information about marketing.  I say unlucky because it can leave us with the impression that marketing is the only ‘business skill’ needed to be a confident solo coach.

This blog is shorter to leave you time to share your wisdom with other coaches. What can you share? And what can you learn from them that will help you be more confident about making your living doing what you love?   They may have learned something that’s still hurting your confidence, like answering the “What do you charge?” question.  Your turn to contribute now.