Ask yourself this question: Do you intend to make a living from coaching?

If you answered “yes” to that question then keep reading to learn the secret to doing just that.

To become a coach, you had to complete a coach training program. You understood that there were skills you needed to learn and master in order to coach others effectively. Just like you needed to learn skills for coaching, there are skills you need to learn in order to be successfully self-employed. The secret to that success lies in marketing.

Marketing can seem like a daunting challenge but fortunately, marketing doesn’t have to be hard. Start with these 3 questions to simplify the process:

  1. As a coach, who is your ideal client? It’s important you identify who you WANT to work with. Consider questions such as:
  • What kind of person is my favorite client?
  • What kind of person do I most enjoy working with?
  1. Next, you want to identify what your coaching niche is and then determine how your background fits with that niche. As you explore this idea you may want to ask yourself “What coaching specialty is my passion?” to further define your niche.
  2. Lastly, now that you’ve identified an ideal client and a niche, it’s important to look at those through a lens of practicality by asking these questions:
  • Can my coaching business be successful if I choose this niche?
  • Can I market to this niche at a reasonable cost?
  • Do I have the time and budget it will take to market to this niche effectively?
  • Is there truly a market for this coaching niche?
  • Is my ideal client aware that coaching can be a valuable resource for them?
  • Can people in this niche afford to pay me what I need to be successful?
  • Are people in this niche willing to pay for coaching?

Going through this exercise is an important one as you make the shift from being a coach to running a home-based business that provides coaching service. Marketing is just one area you need to focus on to be a successful self-employed coach. Before you start to market you’ll want to know what your fees need to be so you can make a living.  For some insight into 1 of the 2 methods of deciding what you need to charge to make your living as a coach see the What Should I Charge for My Business Coaching Services video.  It’s on the Business Skills for Coaches website.