Is it your intention to make a living from coaching?  If you answered yes to that question, you’ll find the information here extremely helpful. We’ll look at the business of being a coach – information you’ll need to be successfully self-employed. It is especially pertinent if you have no prior experience or training in being self-employed.

One way you can speed up your coaching success is to learn what steps you should take between completing your coaching training and starting to market your services. When you’re starting out, marketing seems like it will be the biggest challenge, but the good news is that marketing can be simplified.

The first step is to identify yourself not just as a coach, but as a home-based business that provides coaching services. As a new coach, you have the skills to help a wide variety of people. In your training, you may have heard the advice to profile your ideal client and find your coaching niche, and that advice is right on target.

As you consider who your ideal client will be from a coaching perspective, you’ll want to ask yourself questions like:

  • What kind of person is my favorite client?
  • What kind of person do I most enjoy working with?
  • What coaching specialty is my passion?
  • How does my background fit with this niche?

These questions are important in developing a successful marketing strategy. But if you choose your niche from the perspective of running a business that provides coaching services rather than that of being someone who provides coaching, you’ll add additional questions such as these:

  • Can my coaching business be successful if I choose this niche?
  • Can I market to this niche at a reasonable cost?
  • Do I have the time it will take to market to this niche effectively?
  • Is there truly a market for this coaching niche?
  • Is my ideal client aware that coaching can be a valuable resource for them?
  • Can people in this niche afford to pay me what I need to be successful?
  • Are people in this niche willing to pay for coaching?

I hope that being aware of the difference between being a coach and running a home-based business that provides coaching services adds value for your clients.

If there might be some things that you don’t know you don’t know about the business of being a coach, If you think this is true for you, please go to the Business Skills for Coaches website and do these 2 simple free things.

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Above all, be persistent. You will succeed if you are committed to learning what you need to know about how to become a successful self-employed coach.

If you don’t know the 2 proven ways to set and get your coaching fees, you’ll want to see what you may be missing. It’s the first step to a stress-free coaching career and a better life.

To your success,

Barb Zeigler

The Coaches’ Business Consultant