In Time or Money of Both?

The Solo Coach’s Organization Chart












And you could add IT, HR, Purchasing and other departments you need to support your coaching.

Do you want to feel as good about your monthly income now as you did when you had a secure job?  Though you don’t want the job back.

My goal is to help you achieve the level of income that both supports and empowers you in the valuable work you want to do.  Let me also acknowledge that you’ve done everything you know to do.  You may have even hired someone to tell you some of the things that worked for them.

You’ve learned a lot, but something is just not working for you.  You’ve probably done as much marketing as you can stand.  And if you’re suffering from burn out from all your DIY (do it yourself), that’s sadly normal.

Along the way you may have been given good information that was just out of sequence. Or maybe you bought into the often quoted, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life”.  If you’re a corporate coach that saying can be true.  All they may have to do is coach. But if you are a solo coach, you need to learn a few basic business skills that come before your marketing.

As a solo coach, coaching is only part of what you’ll have to do as you can see above.  And if you try to skip the necessary steps you’ll be spending more time trying to find coaching clients than actually coaching.

You may have put up a good website, spent a lot of time writing and/or speaking and doing all the other things you’ve been told to do, but it’s not working for you.

The information you have may be good.  It’s just incomplete or out of sequence.

You’ve done a good job of implementing what you’ve learned.

The reason you’re still struggling is because you’ve missed a few simple steps.

  1. The processes you’ve followed have been out of sequence.
  2. You’re just missing some basic, though not real sexy, foundational information.

 Simplified, the necessary foundational steps you missed are learning what your fees need to be so you can:

  1. pay yourself the salary you need and stop worrying about money
  2. talk about the results, benefits and outcomes of your coaching so people will want to hire you as their coach
  3. be relaxed and happy when you quote your fees to potential clients

 So, do you want to feel as secure about your monthly income as you were when you had a job you felt secure in?  To be that secure you only need to learn a few  basic business steps that were provided by that employer.

As you are probably realizing by now the things that employer took care of didn’t start with trying to get clients or customers first.  There were several things they did before marketing.  And the financial piece is the most important.  Being a solo coach, working from home doesn’t mean you can skip learning how to set and get your coaching fees.    

 A good place to find out more about the steps you’re missing is to schedule your Free Business Skills for Coaches Discovery Session on the Business Skills for Coaches website.

So, don’t wait. Do it now!

Learn more and earn more,